Glucosamine is perhaps the single most commonly used supplement when treating patients with arthritis. If you are suffering arthritis, it is critical to understand the role of glucosamine in joint health. Glucosamine can be of benefit to you if you are suffering sore joints, have early arthritis symptoms or are simply a very active person who wants to protect active, aching or potentially injured joints.



Glucosamine is a nutrient required for the production of cartilage. Why is cartilage critical for joint health? Well, without cartilage (the soft, spongy tissue that acts as a shock absorber in our joints) our bones would rub against one another and be terribly painful. Cartilage is important because it stops serious joint wear and permanent joint injury.



Glucosamine is actually a sugar that is naturally produced by our bodies. However, as we age, our body produces less of it.  As such, we may need to take a glucosamine supplement in order to keep our glucosamine levels topped up. The recommended daily dose of glucosamine is 1500mg. Whilst you can get glucosamine from food, it is found in the shells of crustacenas and offal – both foods that are not particularly friendly to the palate. This is why we recommend glucosamine supplements like Nature’s Way 1500mg Glucosamine if you are interested in increasing your glucosamine levels.



There are some side effects of glucosamine that – although rare – you should be aware of. These include increased blood-pressure, rapid heart rate and heart palpitations. However, these side effects are actually quite rare in otherwise healthy individuals. More common side-effects include drowsiness and temporary gas / indigestion / diarrhoea. If you are on blood thinning medication or have concerns about your heart health, see your health professional before trying glucosamine supplements.



It is worth noting that glucosamine does not necessarily work for all people suffering arthritis or joint pain. Like many supplements, taking our 1500mg glucosamine tablet each day is just one way to keep your nutrient levels topped up to give your body an edge in fighting degenerative disease. Taking glucosamine is not a complete cure for arthritis, but research does show it is one of a small handful of ways to effectively protect your joints and slow down degenerative joint conditions like arthritis.


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