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Kid's Multivitamins - Are They Really Necessary?

May 22, 2023 2 mins reading time

Finding it hard to stay across your kids’ nutritional needs? Multivitamins are an easy way to help little ones thrive.

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How Kids’ Multivitamins Support Healthy Development

Every parent knows kids go through times where they won’t eat all of the foods that are best for their health. 

Children’s vitamins are an excellent addition to a healthy, balanced diet, can help to top up supplies of essential nutrients, and fill any dietary gaps. Parents can rest easy knowing their kids are getting added nutritional support for overall better health.

Nutritional Support for Kids

Supporting your kids’ health is important. But as a parent, you have to contend with fussy eaters, food intolerances or those days when your child suddenly decides they don’t like your go-to dinner anymore. 

A multivitamin for kids can provide the extra support they need for good health. 

Nutrition Made Easy

Because kids have specific nutritional needs, kids’ vitamins are formulated differently to other vitamins, it can be a challenge getting children to take them, so using chocolate chewable balls or colourful gummies can make supporting your kids’ health a fun task – and tasty, too. Remember to stick to the recommended dosage and store kids’ vitamin products out of their reach.

Best Multivitamins for Kids

When you’re searching for the best kids’ multivitamin to help support general wellbeing, look for formulations that contain vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc, which together help boost immunity.

Probiotic and prebiotic supplements are also a great way to support many areas of health. Shown to encourage the growth of good gut bacteria, the benefits of probiotics include improved immunity and digestion. 

If you have fussy eaters who don’t like fish, no matter how hard you try to sneak it onto their plate, omega-3 supplements can provide support for healthy brain function. 

Clever Nutrition Hacks

While vitamins for kids are a great way to support your child’s health needs, it’s important to get as many nutrients into their food as you can, too. 

Try these clever food hacks for some added nutrients:

  • mix yoghurt into porridge for a natural probiotic boost

  • sprinkle chia seeds on top of fruit smoothies for extra omega-3 

  • grate veggies like carrot or zucchini into savoury muffins for a range of extra nutrients

Nutritious Treats 

Including natural sources of vitamins and minerals in your child’s diet will keep their energy levels in check, especially when supported by a daily vitamin routine. 

Treats are nearly always a favourite with little ones, so try using enticing ingredients like raw cacao, which is rich in antioxidants. You can use raw cacao in most baking recipes – like brownies or biscuits – or add it to milkshakes or smoothies. 

Antioxidants are important for reducing oxidative cell damage and supporting general well-being.

Vitamin Deficiencies

If you notice your child is feeling extra tired or experiencing issues like dry skin, make an appointment with your GP to check for vitamin deficiencies. 

A daily kids’ multivitamin may help prevent vitamin deficiencies as part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

Making multivitamins fun

Giving your kids multivitamins doesn’t need to be a chore – you just have to find ones they actually enjoy taking. Once you know their favourites, it will be easy to give your kids an extra health boost to support their growth and wellbeing. Discover the meaning behind your child's developmental milestones by reading our article, "The Meaning Behind the Milestones."


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