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6 Reasons You Can't Concentrate

6 Reasons You Can't Concentrate

There are a variety of reasons why you might be struggling to concentrate during the day  at work. You may be dehydrated. You may not be getting enough sleep, enough key nutrients or may be hypoglycaemic. Heck, maybe your job is just boring. We take a look at 6 common reasons you might be struggling to concentrate.

1. Alcohol

Even if you don't actually feel hung over, those few drinks you had last night may be part of the reason you cannot concentrate. Alcohol can impair your ability to get a good night's sleep, and fatigue can make it difficult to concentrate. Additionally, even minor hangovers can impair proper brain function. Long term alcohol abuse can have a serious detrimental effect on your overall brain function. TIP: Limit your daily alcohol intake to comply with Australian alcohol intake guidelines.  

2. Vitamin B Deficiency

B Vitamins help your body convert food into energy. They also help you metabolise fats and proteins. All of this means adequate intake of B Vitamins means greater ability to get the most out of your food, and more fuel for mental focus.  TIP: Seafoods, red meats and eggs are all good sources of B-Vitamins, but for those who really want to make sure they have enough B vitamins, a good Vitamin B Complex supplement may be beneficial.  

3. Stress

Stress, up to a point, can help concentration - it provides additional motivation and urgency to finish a task. However, excessive stress can have the opposite effect. Having too many competing priorities disrupts your concentration and can also lead to forgetfulness. TIP: Use relaxation methods and a healthy, active lifestyle to reduce the mental effects of stressful situations at home or work.  

4. Multi-Tasking

Checking your emails every 5 minutes? Taking phone calls every half hour? Checking Instagram every other opportunity? Multitasking is a fine art, but it can actually hurt your ability to concentrate on larger, more complicated tasks. If you are continually skipping from one small, mindless activity to the next, your brain starts to work in ways to accommodate that behaviour. This leads to an inability to focus on larger, more complicated tasks. TIP: check email once in the morning, once at lunch and once of an afternoon. Same goes with your phone. Leave social media for after office hours. When you have to focus on complicated tasks, remove the risk of interruptions / ask your co-workers not to disturb you.  

5. Boredom / Lack of Challenge

Novel tasks stimulate the brain. Boring, mundane tasks can actually do the opposite in the short term. There are numerous studies that show that having a variety of tasks to perform throughout the day leads to higher productivity, greater worker satisfaction and higher productivity when compared with doing the same, repetitive tasks each day. TIP: try to find a way to make boring tasks less mundane by adding a time limit or performance measure. Alternatively, you may need to explore other career options.  

6. Low Omega-3 levels

Low omega-3 levels have been linked to a variety of mental, learning and cognitive difficulties in a range of people. One particular type of omega-3 called 'DHA' (docosahexaenoic acid) has been shown to be of benefit in helping people affected by autism and ADHD to improve mental performance. Some research also shows low omega-3 levels have also been linked to difficulties in reading, numeracy, concentration and memory. Increasing DHA levels in these studies lead to a small increase in cognitive performance. TIP: try to eat slamon, tuna or mackerel 3 times a week to get enough omega-3 DHA. Alternatively, you may benefit from trying a supplement rich in DHA to help boost overall brain function.  

Final Note

We have listed some common reasons that you may be having trouble concentrating. There are numerous other reasons why you might not be able to concentrate at work. Whilst we all inevitably find ourselves feeling a bit disengaged from our jobs at times, if your work is being adversely effected, you should see your healthcare professional for a more in-depth diagnosis. ------ This article was provided by our online partner, Health365. For more information on learning, memory and cognitive function, visit
Sleep and Weight Loss

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The  Superfoods Way with One Hungry Mami

The Superfoods Way with One Hungry Mami

Share your blogging journey with us. When did it begin and why did you decide to start?

My blog began in July 2012, and it came after a rather big and indulgent trip to the States.  I decided on my return that I would try a purely plant based diet for 12 weeks.  So, 1 month before my 34th birthday, I did it.  I remember telling people about it and someone suggested I should write about my experience.  That's when the blog was born.  It was a really good way of keeping myself accountable, sharing recipes I came up with a long the way and documenting what changes, physical or mental, that I undertook as a result.  My journey is still going and a lot has happened so the blog has evolved to reflect that, and will hopefully continue as long as I'm around.

Outside of creating beautiful content for your followers, what are you most passionate about in life?  

It's cliche but I'm truly passionate about my family and friends.  I think in today's world, it's easy to get caught up in the superficial but when it all comes down to it, you have nothing if you don't have anyone around you to share it with.

What is your daily health, wellness and fitness routine?

I used to be really regimented and would try to do all the right things, but now I take a more relaxed approach and realise that every day is different so your body and mind requirements are going to reflect that.  My non-negotiables are daily meditation, fresh homemade food, a superfood smoothie, kissing my family, and moving my body for an hour each day.  I love exercise, it's a natural stress reliever and mood elevator so apart from keeping me fit, it also keeps me mentally well.  I love to run, it's just another form of meditation in my opinion.  I balance that with resistance training using my own body and light weights.  Rest is also important so getting a day to do just that is a priority, and this includes taking a break from technology too.

What’s your favourite way to utilise Super Foods to help you get through a busy day? 

As a nurse, I do shift work, mainly the late shift so I really love a good smoothie, specially around the 3 pm mark when my body is craving an energy injection.  It beats coffee and keeps me going until dinner time so I'm not munching mindlessly on unhealthy foods.  My favourite is a green smoothie made from baby spinach, cucumber, celery, green apple, lemon juice, coconut water, avocado and 1 tsp of the Nature's Way Flavoured Spirulina.  It's really low sugar but tastes amazing thanks to the spirulina powder.   For more info or to follow One Hungry Mami, click here. Check out her beautiful Superfoods Cheesecake recipe:  recipe for amazing superfoods cheesecake
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The Superfoods Way with Miann Scanlan

The Superfoods Way with Miann Scanlan

 Share your blogging journey with us. When did it began and why did ..
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