Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Mature Skin 120 Tablets

Helps enhance Collagen Formation and improve skin elasticity and firmness

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Collagen is the protein that Helps to keep the skin firm and plump and as we age our bodies natural collagen production slows down, which may result in the visible signs of ageing. When this happens, we reach for topical skin care creams and serums to maintain a youthful glow but Collagen, is found in a deeper layer of skin, the dermis where topical skin care products may not reach.

Nature's Way Beauty Collagen Mature Skin VERISOL Collagen + Vitamin A helps to promote collagen formation from deep within. Specifically, formulated for Mature Skin with twice the hydrolysed collagen of our original beauty Collagen tablets plus skin care heroes Vitamin A, and Vitamin C to reduce free radicals that form in the body, it helps to improve your skin elasticity and firmness as well as improve the overall health of your skin. 

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