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Nature’s Way Slim Right Slimming Protein with Collagen Vanilla 350G

From the experts in weight loss - The ultimate toning and beauty boosting protein.

Slim Right Slimming Protein is scientifically formulated with hydrolysed collagen and matcha green tea for women who want to look good and feel amazing.

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Packed with 22g of slimming protein to sculpt lean muscle and promote muscle toning. Specially formulated to be packed with nutrients and low in sugar, keeping you fuller for longer.

Bursting with Hydrolysed Collagen – for beautiful hair, skin and nails. Perfect blend for beauty inside and out, to help support your skin’s natural radiance.

Brimming with Matcha Green Tea Extract and magnesium* to boost metabolism, and help you achieve your goals. Powerhouse combination with natural caffeine to provide long-lasting energy.

*Contains magnesium to support metabolism. Take in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.

Simply place two heaped tablespoons in a glass and add 250mL of milk or water and stir thoroughly until powder is fully dissolved.

Contains Soy. Contains sulphites. Contains caffeine 6mg per serve.

Soy protein isolate (51%), Polydextrose, maltodextrin, hydrolysed collagen (6.4%), flavour, xanthan gum, magnesium oxide (0.27%), thaumatin, Matcha powder (0.7%)

Free from gluten and dairy.

Non GMO.

  • Collagen



    Collagen is an abundant protein in the human body, and it is an integral part of our skin, joint cartilage and connective tissues. When we’re young, our skin is soft, smooth and supple however Collagen may decline with age, which is when we start to see the first visible signs of ageing. For people living an active lifestyle, Collagen is also important to help supporting their healthy joint functions by supporting the cartilage between their joints.

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  • Magnesium



    Magnesium is well known among many people who exercise regularly as they include sufficient magnesium as an important part of their daily routine diet and nutrition. It also helps normal nerve and muscle function Magnesium may also be of assistance during times of tiredness and fatigue as well as energy production.

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  • Matcha



    Used by Japanese Zen Buddhist monks to stay awake for ceremonies. Matcha is a powdered green tea made from green tea leaves with a high concentration of caffeine. Matcha is packed with powerful antioxidants and rich phytonutrients. 

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  • Soy Protein

    Soy Protein

    Soy Protein

    Protein is the basic building blocks in cells and muscles. As we exercise your muscle tissues and cells will develop wear and tear and sustain damage. Protein is therefore vital to assist in recovery as well as to help build muscle tone. Your protein requirements also increase with age and people over the age of 70 require more protein in their diets than younger people.

    Soy protein is a plant based source of protein and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. as well as those allergic to dairy. It is a complete source of protein, which contain all of the essential amino acids necessary for human nutrition

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