5 ways to get vitamins and fish oil into your kids

Why are kids so opposed to doing anything that’s good for them? Vegetables. Sleep. Brushing their teeth. And taking their vitamins is on that list too.

Whether it’s vitamins or fish oil for kids, getting them to take it isn’t always an easy job. Let’s face it, sometimes getting them to just eat the food on their plate is a hard enough mission.

Whether you’ve got a fussy eater who won’t try anything new, your child has a hard time swallowing tablets or they don’t like the taste, we’re here to help. Here are our top 5 tips for how to get your kids to take their vitamins. They’re all simple.

Build a routine around it

If you want to introduce a multivitamin for kids, start by building a routine around it. Then make that routine fun.

Maybe you could give them their liquid vitamin C in the morning with breakfast. Or you could sing a particular song while they’re taking their fish oil. You could even build their chewable vitamin D into snack time.

It might take a little while for kids to get used to the new routine, but once they do, it’ll make things so much easier. As with anything to do with kids, if it’s fun or they know to expect it, life becomes that little bit simpler.

Make it a family affair

Kids learn by role modelling behaviour. (1) Sometimes the best way to teach your kids how to take liquid vitamins is to let them see you doing it.

So line up the liquid multivitamin for your kids alongside your own vitamins, then all take them at the same time.

This can also be part of building a routine. You could create a family routine where everyone takes their vitamins together. (Who knows? It might even help you remember to take yours!)

Try different formats

If getting your kids to take their vitamins is a battle, you certainly don’t need to overcomplicate it by giving them all the products under the sun.

Try giving them different vitamin formats, such as bursts (soft chewable capsules), gummies or liquids to see which type they prefer. Many of these formats come in several different tasty flavours which can help improve their experience with their daily vitamin routine.

Vitamins don’t replace a balanced diet, so if you are unsure if your children are getting all the nutrients they need, the best option is always to speak to your health professional to understand exactly what your kids need.

Create a game

Mum of two, “Sarah”, has been using Kids Smart Bursts with her kids for years. They’re now aged 9 and 6, and after years of using the product, she says they now know the routine and the benefits of taking them.

But in the earlier days, the whole family made a game of taking their vitamins.

The kids used to take their Bursts before bed. After they brushed their teeth, she’d tell them to go to their bedroom and count to ten while she hid the Bursts somewhere around the house. Then give them a clue and they’d go searching. By the time they each found their Burst, they were so excited that they’d pop it straight in their mouths.

Nowadays, “Sarah” just give her kids the Bursts before school, and they go straight down the hatch.

And if all else fails… hide the vitamins in their food

While you can’t hide all types of vitamins in food, liquid vitamins or fish oil for kids are perfect for this.

Bursts come in a soft, chewable capsule so kids can easily chew them. Or you also have the option of taking the lid off the capsule and pouring out the liquid. You can mix the contents into yoghurt, breakfast cereal, or even a glass of milk.

This is particularly helpful if you have a really fussy eater who resists different textures, such as a chewy capsule.
Or, as another option, “Sarah” (mum of two) says that when her son was younger, she didn’t mix the fish oil into his food. Instead, she squeezed it directly into his mouth. Her child was a fussy eater but loved the flavour!

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