For most people, eating a good meal is an enjoyable thing. We have no trouble handling the process of chewing and swallowing. In fact, it comes naturally. Most babies are born knowing how to suck and swallow without being taught.

So why can it be so unpleasant to swallow a little pill?

Mind Tricks 

Whether the tablet is big or small, some people just don’t like swallowing pills. Even taking it with water won’t work for some folks. This can present some real limitations when they would like to take vitamin supplements regularly to top up their daily intake. 

Taste and Texture

When we eat food, we can chew and swallow without the fear of gagging.  With a tablet, things are very different. First, we don’t chew it. We’re used to being able to tell when food is small and soft enough to go down well, but we can’t with pills – some people are not used to the idea of swallowing something without chewing it first. Secondly, the taste and texture of tablets may be inhibitors to swallowing. To some people, tablets with a chalky texture don’t taste good and do not slip down the throat easily.

Even gel tablets can be unpleasant to swallow. With a bit of moisture, the gel coating can become sticky and increase the fear of it lodging in the throat.

Different Formulas

Some vitamins can be delivered in alternate formats, but this may involve other factors to consider, as well. For example, when a dose can be given in liquid or dissolving tablets, it usually costs more. And liquid preparations require the dose to be measured out, making them not the most convenient choice.

Practice Makes Perfect

One trick to learning to swallow pills is practicing with soft, gummy candies that present no fear of becoming stuck in the throat. These can come in a variety of sizes, and can be cut down to help the person swallowing gradually increase their tolerance for tablet sizes. 

Yummy Gummies

Many vitamins preparations have really responded to the dislike over swallowing pills. Taking their cue from their customers who can swallow gummies easily, vitamin supplements are widely available in gummy form. This is especially helpful for vitamin supplements that need to be taken daily. It will be less of a struggle to get your necessary intake with a gummy preparation. 

Additionally, gummy vitamins are made to taste really good and will stand up to chewing, so if you really need to chew in order to swallow, you can.

Everyone Loves Gummies

Kids and adults alike enjoy gummies. For people who don’t like swallowing vitamin tablets, this means gummies are a yummy alternative. They work well for for those who just can’t bring themselves to the idea of swallowing a dry vitamin pill. And because gummies do taste good, they’re more likely remember to take their vitamins.

When switching to a gummy formula, make sure that they’re stored out of reach of children, who might mistake them for candy. As well, like with any vitamin supplement, they should not replace a balanced diet. Check out the doses of vitamins and minerals in the gummy to ensure that you’re getting the right balance for you.