Trying to get fussy eaters to stick to a balanced diet can be challenging for even the most patient of parents – but there are some great tricks and tips that can help your little ones get the nutrition they need.

From being creative with food presentation to sneaking extra fruit and vegetables into tasty treats, here are some top tips to encourage healthy eating.

Hide the vegetables

It’s easy to add an extra-nutritious punch to kid-friendly meals – and fussy eaters don’t ever need to know! Try adding torn spinach leaves or grated carrot to pasta sauce, or topping pizzas with mushroom and capsicum for extra flavour.

Make healthy meals look appealing

Dressing up fruit and vegies by adding a tasty sauce or seasoning, or even arranging them into a fun shape, can be a great way to boost the appeal of healthy meals. One favourite is to make ‘boats’ out of apple slices – attach a triangle of cheese to a slice of apple with a toothpick and you’ve created a boat with a sail!

Multi-vitamins for a balanced diet

When kids are fussy eaters they may not be getting adequate nutrition from their diet. Kids Smart Vita Gummies Multi-Vitamin for Fussy Eaters can provide valuable nutritional support. They are packed with essential nutrients to assist with healthy growth and development, and come in a fun and delicious, raspberry flavoured gummy that even the fussiest of eaters will love.

Learn where food comes from

Your little ones might enjoy fresh produce more if they learn about where it comes from. Setting up a small vegetable patch at home or paying a visit to a community garden is a great way for them to roll up their sleeves and enjoy organic produce that they have grown themselves.

Set a good example

When it comes to eating a balanced diet, most kids take their cues from mum and dad. Taking time to enjoy meals together as a family and setting a good example when it comes to eating the vegies on your own plate can encourage healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.