Catching some quality zzz’s is the foundation of good health. And if your health is flourishing so too skin. Restful sleep helps gives you a brighter complexion. From your hair to your skin and all the way to your toenails, sleep plays a vital role in their growth.

The goodnight routine for a more beautiful you

Get to know your internal clock

Our bodies thrive on consistent sleep patterns.

  • Go to sleep at the same time every day: This will help regulate your internal clock. If you’re sleeping through your alarm, scale back your bedtime.
  • Weekends aren’t for sleeping in: The greater the difference between your weekday and weekend wake-ups, the more chances you’ll suffer throughout the day with jet-lag-like symptoms. When in doubt, nap it out, instead.   
  • Nap smart: Sleeping too much during the day takes away from the quality of nighttime slumber - so restrict naps to 15-20 minutes.
  • Beat the post-dinner yawns: Skip the after dinner yawns and get up and do something simple before bed. Wash the dishes, do the laundry or catch up with a friend.

 Dim the lights

Our bodies produce melatonin which helps regulate sleep. The trouble being that modern life can significantly affect our melatonin production - leading to nighttime tossing and turning.

Relax to recharge

Brain keeping you up at night? Fortunately, if you focus on adopting relaxation techniques before bedtime, you’ll drift off without a care in the world.

  • De-stress: Stress management is crucial if you’re kept awake at night fretting over work or family. Things like writing out your worries, exercising or getting social will help you alleviate mental stressors.
  • Relax to rest: Winding down from your day is important so employ whatever tactics work best for you to help you gear down. Try: reading, meditating, taking a warm bath, aromatherapy, yoga, deep breathing or drinking sleepy-time teas like chamomile.

Create a peaceful sleep environment

The last ingredient to waking up refreshed is going to sleep in a tranquil environment.

  • Clean sheets: Be sure to clean your bedsheets every two weeks to mellow your mood.
  • Cool, dark and quiet: Sleeping in a cool, dark and quiet room is best. So turn down the temperature in your bedroom, use blackout curtains, ditch the LED nightlights and/or use earplugs or a sound machine if need be.

Here’s to your beauty rest

Sleep is essential to your mental and physical - beauty included - wellbeing. Beauty rest is your golden ticket to a brighter complexion. If you’re getting 7-9 hours a night, your body is hard at work helping to repair and restore. 6 beauty rest benefits:

 In summary

The secret to the fountain of youth and good health is getting quality sleep. Sleep ups our natural collagen production and sends our body into repair mode for stronger nails, hair and luminous skin. It also boosts your beauty routines efficiency. So for a brighter, more youthful you, remember your beauty sleep!

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