If you’ve been on Instagram lately or picked up a celeb magazine, you’ve probably seen ringing endorsements for crystal rollers. This ancient beauty technique is lauded as a more cost-effective way to brighten your complexion, naturally.

What’s a crystal roller? 

Finally, gemstones are getting the love they deserve. From off our desks as pretty geode paperweights, and into their new role as staples in our beauty regime!

Well, actually only a select few precious stones are getting all the hype: jade, rose quartz and amethyst, are definitely the most popular.

 Crystal rollers are shaped like teeny paint rollers that have round smoothed, and polished stone ends - and held together on a decorative roller. One side is noticeably more oval, its sole purpose is to tend to the flat facial surfaces -  cheeks, chin and forehead. While the smaller more circular side is for target zones - under eye, eyelids and nose.

Why are rollers is so Popular 

Crystal rollers are the increasingly popular due to the health and beauty benefits of facial rolling.

Crystal rolling may help to:

  • Reduce facial inflammation and puffiness
  • Tighten the skin and pores
  • Even out and improve skin tone
  • Brighten the skin
  • Promote lymphatic drainage

Is it any wonder why this new-old beauty product has taken the world by storm?

The how to on crystal facial rolling

The primary reason we’re rolling out the crystals is to massage those pesky lymphs  and drain them of their water retention, to reduce inflammation by stimulating oxygen flow - for a brighter complexion. It’s self-care meets skincare. Just think of crystal rolling as a rejuvenating facial massage that’ll set you up for your busy day ahead or relax you after a hectic day.

In three easy-peasy steps you’ll be on your way to that facial refresh:

To cleanse during or after, it’s up to you: Whether you wash first then roll or complete your beauty ritual then roll, is entirely up to you. There’s no right way. Some sources claim that by doing it after your skincare routine, rolling will improve absorption - but it’s anyone’s guess if it does.

Roll out: It’s time to get rolling. Dermatologists recommend gently - think Goldilocks, just the right amount of pressure - working from the center of your face outwards, using a  roller. Never in, the idea is to reduce the effects of nighttime inflammation or facial puffiness by working it off your face! Here are some other beauty tips to really get your face glowing:

  • Use alongside a sheet mask - a hydrating serum-soaked medley of minerals, vitamins and amino acids - to rehydrate the skin, fight wrinkles, lift skin or boost collagen production.
    Like Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen Boosting Face Masks By using a crystal roller over top of a sheet mask, your skin may soak up more of the masks beauty benefits.
  • Refrigerate your roller if you’re particularly prone to morning puffiness.
  • Pick the right gem for the job.

            ○      Jade is your zen go-to-gal to improve the skin’s immunity, promote new skin cell growth, combat skin impurities,

            ○      Rose Quartz for an emotional skin cleansing of facial impurities - wrinkles, fine lines, natural lifts and detoxifying.

            ○      Amethyst for destressing - reduce inflammation, soothes acne and brings a natural calm.

Moisturize: It doesn’t matter if you’ve moisturized or not already, slap on a layer of moisturizer after you’ve got your roll on.

And now your skin is incandescently happy after it’s thorough pampering!

In summary

There’s a reason why things come back into style, like crystal rolling, because they work. Crystal rolling to amplify beauty has been practiced for centuries as a way to relax inflammation plus it’s so easy to introduce to your skincare routine - especially after a sheet mask, for added effectiveness. It’s hard not to want to give this a shot, so take our word for it and go grab yourself a quality sheet mask and a crystal roller then add your glowing face to the millions of Instagrammers who are rollin’ towards health and beauty!

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