Probiotics are beneficial for immunity due to a number of reasons.

Firstly, probiotics help to rebalance the gut in favour of 'good' bacteria so that harmful bacteria are outnumbered.

Secondly, certain types of gut bacteria are involved in functions related to the body's immune system. Researchers from Harvard Medical School have found evidence that certain bacteria aid in T-cell production, and correcting mineral and nutrient deficiencies.

Thirdly, healthy good bacteria also work to produce a barrier between food and the internal tissues of the body. Were this boundary to lie unprotected, the potential for illness may be increased due to potentially harmful micro-organisms found in food.

An imbalance in certain beneficial bacteria could weaken this defence mechanism and, on occasion, allow for infection.

A probiotic supplement could help to maintain the levels of good bacteria necessary to ensure that this barrier remains effective, and thus minimise the chance of illness.

Your digestive tract contains 70% of your body's immune cells and is a large source of toxins in the body due to its exposure to the food we eat and the fluid we drink. Therefore to help support your immunity, it's important to look after your digestive health, and one of the best ways to do that is to keep it balanced.

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