There’s been an exciting makeover happening in the adult vitamin section of your pharmacy and you’ve probably noticed it. The shelves used to be filled with dry bottles of pills of all sorts and sizes, but recently those vitamin tablets have morphed into something a little more fun: gummies.

Gummy vitamins are increasingly popular, and for good reason. They work, and they taste amazing. It’s not only children who love gummy vitamins, either. Their winning taste and appealing texture have made gummy vitamins popular with adults, too. But despite how good they seem, do gummy vitamins actually work?

In short, yes. Gummy vitamins can work just as well as the traditional vitamin. Just like all supplements, when researched and taken carefully, gummy vitamins can actually offer some benefits that you don’t get with the tablet version.

Vitamin Content

The most important consideration is whether or not the gummy vitamin actually gives you the same nutritional content as more traditional vitamins. And actually, the answer is the same for both. Whether the vitamin is in pill or gummy form, you need to be sure you are checking the dosage. This is also true for multivitamins, to make sure you’re getting all the nutrients you are looking for in your multivitamin and in the right balance. 

When picking your gummy vitamin out, you should be reading the label and checking quantities. Be sure to reference the daily recommended intakes for each of the vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that should be present in a balanced, healthy diet. Think about what vitamins and minerals you already regularly get enough of and what you need to get some more of and choose your gummy vitamin accordingly. Although gummy vitamins are delicious, always follow the directions to use and don't overdo it by taking too many!

Taste and Texture 

One of the biggest differences gummy vitamins have over traditional vitamin tablets is the taste and texture of gummies. They aren’t tart or gritty, and so we can enjoy them while getting our daily vitamin boost. These soft gummies also mean they’re easy to swallow and you probably won’t need any water to get them down if you don’t like the texture of traditional chewable tablets.

Chewing has more benefits for gummy vitamins, too. Chewing actually helps our bodies absorb the vitamins faster because the teeth and saliva start working away at them right away.

The flavour of gummies is another big difference over traditional pill vitamins. Gummies come with a yummy, fruity flavour that make it easy for those with a sweet tooth to enjoy. That means you may remember to take them more regularly!

Vitamins Can Be Fun

Making something fun automatically makes it more enjoyable. Taking vitamins is no different. Lots of adult gummy vitamins come in cool shapes and colours that can make any grown-up feel a little like a kid again. Of course, your adult gummy vitamins are not for kids, so you need to ensure that they are kept out of children’s reach, and in a child-proof bottle, to prevent children from snacking on them.

Additionally, gummies can stick in the teeth, so it’s important that teeth are cleaned after chewing on a gummy vitamin. Even with sugar-free gummy vitamins, there can still be some residue. If taking the gummy vitamins in the evening, be sure to do it before your final tooth brushing of the day. In addition, if you need to watch out your sugar intake, take consideration of the sugar in the gummies. 

Yes, They Work

Gummy vitamins are convenient, and there are some considerations that are different from traditional vitamin pills, but with the same careful attention to quality, gummy vitamins can work well to give you or your kids a fun, healthy boost of nutrients. As with all dietary supplements they can only be of benefits when the dietary intake is inadequate. Be sure to do your research and check with your healthcare provider before starting to take vitamins so you can be sure that you’re getting exactly what you need.