The benefits of krill oil are becoming increasingly well documented, but not all krill oils are the same in the Australian market. The krill oil market has changed considerably since 2011, and quality ranges from top quality products like our Krill Oil range to a large number of low-quality products in the market. It is important to ensure you are getting quality for money and not settling for an inferior product when you buy Krill Oil. Look for these three features to help you make a more informed decision when purchasing your krill oil.


When choosing the best quality krill oil, it is important to consider where the krill has been sourced and the purity of the oil. Krill that has been harvested from the deep waters of Antarctica have very low levels of toxins and heavy metals. Nature’s Way ensures all of its Krill products are of the premium quality and its krill is sourced from the pristine waters of Antarctica. In addition, Nature’s Way Krill Oil undergoes essential purification processes, removing undesired compounds and salts that are responsible for the strong, unpleasant ‘fish-like’ odour. As a result Nature’s Way Krill Oil is said to have a more pleasing taste and odour than many other Krill Oil products on the market.


Oceans are being overfished. It is important that both companies and consumers alike make changes to our behaviours in order to ensure our oceans’ health for generations to come. Nature’s Way are continually moving our products towards sustainable harvesting practices, and all Nature’s Way Calamari Oil and Krill Oil products are all sustainably harvested. Our Krill and Calamari Oil products have Friend of The Sea certification to prove it.  The same cannot be said for some ‘no-name’ krill oil brands found in bargain stores or bought over the internet.


The main reason you take krill oil is to increase omega-3 intake. However, it is astonishing (and sometimes worrying) the variation in omega-3 levels found in different krill oil brands. Some krill oils are simply more potent than others, and contain far more omega-3. Going for a cheaper krill oil can often be a false economy, as cheaper products may have lower omega-3 content so you need to take more capsules to get the same omega-3 boost. Look for a krill oil with 300mg or more of combined DHA + EPA per capsule (the two most common types of omega-3 needed by your body). When shopping for a krill oil, compare the backs of pack for the brands you are considering to ensure your cheaper option is not delivering a lower level of omega-3.

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