Nature’s Way Super Greens + Wild Reds is packed with the goodness of 23 nutrient dense superfoods, with a mega antioxidant hit of exotic wild red berries and fruits, making it one of the most delicious ways to enjoy your greens!


- 2 bananas, peeled

- 1.5kg Greek yoghurt

- 300g strawberries, sliced

- 330g frozen mixed berries

- 4 Tbsp. maple syrup

- 1 Tbsp. Nature’s Way Super Greens + Wild Reds


1. Line a loaf tin with cling film. Mash the bananas until smooth, and then stir into the yoghurt along with the maple syrup.

2. Fold two-thirds of the berries and the Nature’s Way Super Greens + Wild Reds powder through the yoghurt to give a ripple effect.

3. Pour into the loaf tin, cover with cling film and freeze for at least 6 hrs until solid.

4. Once frozen, remove the parfait from the freezer and leave to stand for 15-20 mins, remove from the tin and peel off the cling film. Top with the remaining berries, slice up and serve.