You may scoff at the term ‘superfoods’, but believe us when we say there are a small handful of real ‘superfoods’ that do exist. These are foods that contain a wide range of key nutrients, and contain them at levels far above those found in ‘normal’ food. This means these superfoods make it easier to get the nutritional support you need to get through your day. Some of these superfoods – when taken over time – may help support a range of benefits for men’s health issues, from supporting libido and prostate, to heart health.

These three superfoods pack a punch that support men's health.


Known as the “Peruvian ginseng”, Maca has been traditionally used for thousands of years in Peru and across South America to support energy, endurance and – famously – to boost libido and fertility.  It has also been traditionally used to support healthy mood and body. Fellas, try our recipe for Maca Guacamole, which contains Maca and other key nutrients for supporting men’s energy and libido.


Whilst the two foods are very different, both chia seeds and salmon contain large concentrations of one very important nutrient for men’s health: Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids have a variety of benefits especially supporting cardiovascular health. , Both salmon and chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help support a healthy heart. Furthermore, chia seeds contain a good source of  dietary fibre which promotes bowel regularity and are a good source of protein which is contributes to the growth of muscle mass.

Guys, try our Chia-Crusted Salmon recipe. It combines both chia seeds and salmon for a super-sized serve of omega-3s to help protect your heart.


Free radicals are unstable molecules that exist in our body that may harm cells and can lead to inflammation and some conditions. ,. Increasing your intake of antioxidants fights these molecules and increases overall health and wellbeing.. Whilst most fruit and vegetables have some antioxidant content, Acai is one of the richest known sources of antioxidants on the planet.

Gents, try our Acai Berry Breakfast Bowl recipe. It’s packed with acai and other nutrients to protect your heart, brain, overall health and your little swimmers.