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With 22% of RDI per serving you can reap the benefits of this vital mineral

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Nature's Way Magnesium Vita Gummies for Adults are an enjoyable and delicious way to add magnesium to your daily diet. With 22% of the RDI of magnesium per serving you can reap the benefits of this vital mineral.

Specifically formulated with active people in mind to assist in achieving performance or nutritional goals, Magensium Vita Gummies for adults may be of assistance during times of tirdness and fatigue, to support normal nerve and muscle function, as well as energy production.

99% sugar free. Magnesium Vita Gummies have a slightly gritty texture, which shows we are using real magneisum salts!

Serving size: Adults usually enjoy one serving (2 gummies) per day for daily magnesium supplementation as part of a healthy active lifestyle. Before or after exercise: enjoy up to 6 gummies per day with food.
Store under 25ºc.

Maltitol, magnesium phosphate dibasic (10%), gelatine, maize starch, sodium citrate, citric acid, natural flavour, natural colour, glazing agents (coconut oil, carnauba wax, beeswax). Magnesium phosphate dibasic (10%) – 69mg (22% RDI)

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    Magnesium is well known among many people who exercise regularly as they include sufficient magnesium as an important part of their daily routine diet and nutrition. It also helps to calm nerves and is necessary for normal nerve and muscle function Magnesium may also be of assistance during times of tiredness and fatigue as well as energy production.

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