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In Sanscrit, the coconut palm is known as

In Sanscrit, the coconut palm is known as "kalpa vriksha", meaning "The tree that supplies all that is needed to live".

David Wolfe, in his book "Superfoods - The Food And Medicine Of The Future"
Key Ingredients Explained
Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

ORGANIC: Our coconut oil is organic, so you don't have to worry about pesticides or additives that can harm health when ingested repeatedly over time.

COLD PRESSED: We only use cold pressing to extract our coconut oil from coconuts. Extracting oil via cold pressing is the only way to ensure you get the highest quality, most flavoursome coconut oil. Other extraction processes result in lower quality oil or use chemicals.
Where comes from?
We source our coconuts from organic farms in Fiji. We use natural farming & extraction methods to ensure best quality. Our coconut oil is packaged in Australia.

Nature’s Way Super Coconut Oil is a premium, cold pressed, organic coconut oil that can withstand high temperatures, unlike other oils. This means it is perfect for stir fries and frying, as well as baking, grilling, basting… Even as a healthy alternative to butter or additive to coffeee for the ultimate bulletproof coffee.  You can even use it as a natural moisturiser for the skin or deep conditioning treatment for the hair.

For health and well-being: 1 tablespoon (15g) 1-4 times daily.  For cooking: Use in place of other oils. For skin care: Apply liberally directly onto skin.

100% Pure Organic Cold Pressed coconut Oil.

That’s it… nothing more, no preservatives, no nasty stuff.