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I have this as a shake each morning before work and love it! It keeps me full until lunchtime so I don't snack between meals.

I have this as a shake each morning before work and love it! It keeps me full until lunchtime so I don't snack between meals.

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Key Ingredients Explained
Soy Protein

Soy Protein

The soy protein in Instant Natural Protein is a great alternative to whey protein. Soy protein is from soybeans, and is vegetarian. Soy is also a COMPLETE PROTEIN (just like whey) but is far more affordable. It is a great multi-purpose protein for overall health, nutrition and energy.

Where comes from?
18 Jubilee Ave, Warriewood, NSW
Nature's Way is a family owned company. We are proudly Australian, and support local jobs, manufacturing and retailers.

Instant Natural Protein is made in Australia from ingredients sourced both locally and overseas for maximum quality and purity.

We can’t always get all the protein we need from our diets to support the active lifestyle we desire. In fact, you would have to eat 3 eggs, 2 lean chicken breast fillets, 1 steak or 3 glasses of full cream milk to get the equivalent protein per serve! Plus, it makes a delicious Vanilla milk shake, that the whole family can enjoy.

Why choose Instant Natural Protein?

Instant Natural Protein is the ultimate protein “allrounder”. It has  8 benefits, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking to supplement their protein intake. It’s perfect to support energy, muscle recovery, hair, skin and nails, convalescence, cooking, and is 100% vegetarian!

Who should use Instant Natural Protein?

Anyone who wants to supplement the protein they receive from their daily diet.

Place 2 tablespoons (30g) in a glass and add 250 ml of milk. Stir thoroughly until powder is fully dissolved.

Soy Protein, Fructose, Maltodextrin, flavour, sweetener (sucralose)

WARNING: Contains soy. May contain traces of milk. Instant natural protein is intended to supplement a diet where protein may be inadequate.

Under The Microscope
Another Innovation

Another Innovation

Instant Natural Protein is one of those long term customer favourites. Before there were expensive protein powders that sell for hundreds of dollars per bucket and promise unbelievable results, there was Instant Natural Protein. It has withstood the test of time simply because it is a great product - a unique protein product that goes beyond sport in to the lives of all Australians. It's the original protein all rounder for EVERY BODY. EVERY AGE. EVERY DAY!

*Formulated supplementary food with milk