Zinc is what is known as an ‘essential mineral’. This means that your body needs it but cannot produce it… you have to get zinc from foods or supplements. Zinc plays a number of roles in our body, including helping us fight disease and healing wounds. However, zinc also delivers some particularly important benefits for men. Let’s take a look at why men need zinc.


Why Men Need Zinc

1. Zinc May Support Prostate Health

Prostate health is an uncomfortable topic for most men, and if you have a prostate problem, things get even more uncomfortable when you have to go and see your doctor. However, given that prostate cancer is the sixth highest killer of men in Australia (2012 figures), taking prostate health seriously is important.

Studies have shown that cancerous prostates have lower than normal levels of zinc that normal prostates. The zinc in prostate cells appears to have a protective property, and the lower zinc levels may mean lower levels of protection.


2. Zinc may support a healthy heart

Preliminary studies suggest zinc may be critical in maintaining a healthy heart, and may even help improve heart health after a heart attack. Given that coronary heart disease is the leading killer of men in Australia, and men are significantly more likely to develop heart disease, supporting your heart by ensuring you get enough zinc is a good idea.


3. Zinc may help increase sperm quality

One of the symptoms of zinc deficiencies in men is lowered sperm count. Low zinc can lead to low sperm count, which may adversely affect your chances of having a family.


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