A lot of spirulina powders out there seem the same; however this isn’t the case. It’s hard to be sure where your Spirulina comes from: if it’s a low grade or contains GMO’s. Brands could source from non-organic farms that compromise on the natural process of spirulina. At Nature’s Way we can assure you our Spirulina comes from premium 100% organic farms that follow stringent quality standards to ensure a high quality spirulina that delivers over 100 nutrients. Plus our natural tropical flavoured spirulina tastes great! So good you can drink it with just water!



When it comes to cacao powder, some are more superior to others. Many farms grow their cacao with chemicals and non eco-friendly practices, others can over process their cacao destroying its nutrients. Nature’s Way sources only premium cacao- raw, organic, cold-pressed, so you can get more nutrients from your cacao and the quality you expect from a superfood. Nature’s Way Cacao is Fair Trade, organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly.


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When it comes to greens, all formulations are different. Some products are low in nutrients, others may contain unnecessary fillers, can be second grade and taste grassy.   Nature’s Way has specially formulated our super greens to deliver a highly nutritious blend, to nourish your body. With 81 vital ingredients and no nasty additives, the greens blend has all the benefits you expect from superfoods and more, giving you vitality, energy and nutrition for your everyday health and well-being.